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The Journey Series

What is the Journey Series?


The Journey Series is an annual three-day conference set on the beautiful river-front property of DaySpring Episcopal Center.

We offer an opportunity through speakers, music, reflection and nature to be nourished, to stir creative juices, to ask questions, to get inspired. The combination of nationally acclaimed speakers and heart-stirring music make this a moving, spirit-filled event.

Come to reimagine, reconnect and rejoice on your journey toward God.


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The thoughts and subjects which are being addressed in contemporary church thought touched my heart. I also love the wonderful music!
- Barbara -
I was waiting for such an opportunity! The emphasis on new ways to move forward touched my heart.
- Esther -
The musicians were a joy! I have known and loved Fran's music for years.
- Celeste -
All the participants were so engaged. Their participation in the "Sacred Circle" touched my heart.
- Chris -
I love DaySpring; only good things have happened here for me. I loved the openness of the attendees.
- Bill -
So many adjectives…delightful, engaging, challenging, enjoyable, moving, exciting, practical, educational, intelligent, loving, kind, smart, fashion setting.
- Gregory -