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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What is the difference between the dorms, youth cabins, and regular cabins?
A. Dormitories and youth cabins are bunk bed style lodging areas. In these areas, only a blanket and a pillow are provided for the beds. Participants bring their own linens (sheets, pillow case, towels, wash cloth) for these areas.
The “regular” cabins are used primarily by adult groups and have more individualized sleeping quarters. All linens are provided in these areas. Please see a more complete description of the lodging areas under the “Accommodations” tab.

Q. Can anyone or any group stay or use DaySpring? What about private events?
A: Not just anyone can stay at or use DaySpring. DaySpring is a non-profit conference center that provides lodging, meals and meeting spaces for groups of that designation to conduct a program. We do not provide overnight stays for individuals, family vacations or private parties such as graduations, birthdays, etc.

Q. How close is DaySpring to airports?
A. DaySpring is approximately 40 miles south of the Tampa International Airport (approximately an hour’s drive). The Sarasota Airport is approximately 20 miles northeast of Sarasota (approximately a 35-45 minute drive).

Q. How early can we get into our room? What is the check-out time?
A. Meeting rooms and lodging are generally available at 3:00pm. Meeting rooms only can be available at an earlier time for an additional fee. Check out time for lodging is 10:00am on the day of departure. Meeting rooms are available until the group has completed its program.

Q. Do you have sites available for campers?
A. No, we are not permitted for campsites, so we cannot allow campers or tent camping on our site.

Q. Can we bring our dog?
A. Only service dogs are allowed at DaySpring. Service dogs must perform a specific task that aids a person with a disability, such as guiding the blind, alerting the hard of hearing, pulling a wheelchair, etc.

Q. Is food/coffee service available for meeting areas?
A. Coffee service is available in all meeting areas as well as lodging. Snack trays can be ordered for breaks as needed. We do not, however, provide meal catering in the meeting rooms and there are no cooking facilities available in any of the lodging or meeting room spaces.

Q. Can you accommodate special dietary needs?
A. Yes, as long as we are notified in advance. Participants should notify their group’s contact person of any special dietary needs.

Q. Do you have TV, cable, Wi-Fi in meeting rooms and lodging areas?
A. Wi-fi is available in all lodging and meeting areas except the youth cabins. There are TV’s in all meeting rooms with the exception of the two large meeting spaces, however these TV’s are used for programming purposes only. Due to the size of the two large meeting areas, generally the group provides their own laptop that is connected via cables to the ceiling-mounted LCD projector. The only TV on property that is connected to outside programs is in the Bishop Haynes lounge.

Q. Are the buildings air-conditioned/heated?
A. Yes, all of our buildings are air-conditioned and heated.

Q. Do you provide irons, hair dryers, etc.?
A. We do provide irons, ironing boards and hair dryers in the adult lodging areas such as the 4-bedroom cabins and the guest houses.

Q. Do you have a laundry?
A. Yes, we do have a coin-operated laundry room that is available to guests.

Q. What kind of sports equipment is available at DaySpring? Do you have bicycles?
A. DaySpring has different types of sports balls (footballs, soccer balls, etc.) and a corn hole game that is available to guests. We do not have bicycles.
We do have archery equipment that can be used by guests with DaySpring staff supervision. This does need to be pre-arranged and there is an additional fee per person.

Q. Do you provide golf carts?
A. No, we do not provide golf cart rentals for guests. Golf carts that are seen on property are for DaySpring employee use only.

Q. Are there any alligators?
A. We have not had any reports of seeing alligators on or near DaySpring property. Alligators do not care for brackish water (combination of salt/fresh water) as they have difficulty expelling salt from their system.

Q. Do you have Sunday church services?
A. Yes, a weekly church service is held in the St. Thomas Chapel at 10:00am, with the Rev. Carol Fleming officiating. The Diocese of Southwest Florida also offers a monthly worship service in the Chapel, with guest speakers, the first Wednesday of each month (excluding June, July, August) at 11:00am. All are invited to attend. Lunch follows at a cost of $11 per person.