1979 – First 76 Acres

In 1979 Mr. Hall left the original 76 acres of property along the Manatee River to The Diocese of Southwest Florida.

1982 – Ground Breaking

December 11, 1982 – Official Ground Breaking Ceremony performed by Bishop Haynes

1983 – Curry Hall

Curry Hall was built in 1983, and was named in honor of Mac and Chris Curry. Construction of this first building at DaySpring was made possible in large part by monies from the Mac and Chris Curry Fund, established in 1975.
Curry Hall Construction Curry Hall Construction

1984 – Cabins, First Guest

DaySpring had its first paying guests on February 16, 1984.
Curry Hall and Cabins 1-6 were dedicated on April 29, 1984.
Dayspring Dedication


Purchased 17 acres, bringing our total to 92 acres.

1986 – Pavilion A

Pavilion A – a.k.a.”The Old Pavilion” was constructed in 1986. Pavilion A Construction

1988 – Chapel Moved to Dayspring

The St. Thomas Chapel as we know it today was originally built in Safety Harbor, FL as The Episcopal Church of the Holy Spirit in 1914. The building was transported to Dayspring in the middle of the night on January 20, 1988. It had to be moved in two pieces to clear the bridges on the 70 mile trek. The St. Thomas Chapel was dedicated on June 12, 1988.

Chapel Move Chapel Dedication

1989 – Outdoor Chapel

The Outdoor Chapel was built in 1989 by Mike Rivera.

Outdoor Chapel

1990-1994 – Houses

Purchased Director’s House, Retreat House, Pool House, and Dome House. These purchases brought our total number of semi-private rooms up to 48.

1998-2000 – Youth Cabins

Construction for The Youth Cabins began in June of 1998 and completed by July of 2000. They were dedicted on November 19, 2000.

Youth Cabin Construction Youth Cabin Dedication

2001 – New Pavilion

The New Pavilion was brought in and assembled out of 4 sections in 2001. New Pavilion Construction

2010 – Labyrinth

The Labyrinth was added in December 2010 with donations from ECW and was built by DaySpring Staff and Mike Rivera, a past Executive Director. labyrinth