Get Involved


Friends of DaySpring:

Jesus expressed his love for his disciples by calling them his “friends”. The word friend speaks of love and intimacy and of a special relationship. That’s how we describe the relationship we have with those who love and support this ministry.
The Friends of DaySpring not only contribute money, they also contribute their time and loving attention. They represent us in their congregations and communities. They volunteer for service projects. We keep our Friends up to date on what’s happening at DaySpring so that they will know all that’s happening in this special place and can help us tell the story.

Parish Partners:

The money to operate DaySpring comes primarily from guest fees. In an effort to keep these fees as low as possible and DaySpring as accessible to as many as possible, we ask that each congregation in the Diocese consider making a gift to the DaySpring Annual Fund. Most do through their outreach budgets or special offerings because they see the fruit of this special ministry. We consider those congregations partners in this ministry and we are sincerely grateful for their support and encouragement.

Ways You Can Help:

As a ministry, we need your prayers. We also need your participation. Our mission is to “Enrich and empower all persons in Christ.” That means we need you to come and participate in the retreats, camps and conferences that take place here. We also need your partnership. Your gift to the DaySpring Annual Fund or a bequest would be greatly appreciated and would be a wonderful living memorial that will bless others on their walk with the Lord.